About Me

My name is Senne Trenson, born in Belgium on March 2, 1998. I am an entrepreneur at heart and founded my own business on January 2, 2017.

Ever since I was a child I didn’t like to be told what to do. I wanted to do my own thing. Despite that, I thought that my future would be pretty “standard”: get a degree and work for someone else. Since I’ve always had a passion for beautiful cars, gadgets and other expensive objects, I figured the best thing to do was to do my best at school, get a degree and subsequently get a job that would pay relatively well.

However, in 2016 I realised I wanted more. Not just financial freedom, but personal freedom too, so I could live my life on my own terms and be able to give my family a better future as well ánd help other people achieve anything they want. I realised that the only way to achieve this goal would not be by working for someone else, but to work independently as an online entrepreneur.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gathered a lot of experience in the world of online marketing, networking, public speaking, coaching, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and more.

Business Models

Business Promotions

My online venture started with affiliate marketing. An affiliate is a person who promotes products for businesses and gets a commission in return. There are many ways to implement this.

One way is to create a so-called “affiliate website”, which is created with the main goal of getting people to the website, giving them value (answer their question, resolve their problem, etc.) and when they like the product and decide to purchase it, the affiliate will receive a commission for that. This can be up to 90% or even more for digital products like e-courses, but this is usually a lot less for physical products.

I purchased my first course in February 2016, so just before my 18th birthday. This taught me how to create a basic website and use it for such affiliate promotions.

So I created my first website, Pianoles Online, and started writing articles and optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that my website would be found on Google when people in Belgium and the Netherlands search for specific keywords related to the subject of online piano lessons.

I put a lot of effort and many hours of my free time into this site, changed the layout multiple times to how it is today and even created a video review. I only had 1 sale after 8 months.

With the knowledge and experience I gained from my first site, I decided to create a 2nd affiliate website. This time I tried a different approach and I used more of a blog style and I chose a broader subject. I do get a couple of sales each month, but nothing close to what I initially expected and not in proportion with the time I put into building the site and writing articles with over 1000 words.

At this point, many people would give up and “get back to reality”. I, however, decided not to change my goal, but rather I changed my plan and moved on from affiliate marketing to focus on something else, although I still love to promote good products!

Business Consultancy

When searching on the Web, you often come across some very badly designed websites, sometimes clearly very old as well. These websites hardly have any SEO in place.

A website is a very important part of any business. People will rather browse an attractive website than a hard to use, ugly one. Perhaps even more important, especially for local businesses, is that they are found in the search engines when looking for relevant search terms.

With these 2 principles in mind, I decided to offer local business owners my services. I’m not just doing the web design, but also SEO, one-on-one-consulting for my client and much more.

Here is a list of some of the websites I’ve built to date, with more lined up:

As with any business, it’s very important to keep looking for new opportunities and to keep adapting to an ever-changing environment. This is especially the case in an e-Business like mine.

Investment Business

In October 2017, I became very interested in the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) and the opportunities that they offer.

I watched some videos, read some articles so I could better understand what it was all about and if it could indeed be a really big deal like some very knowledgeable and successful people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson claim.

After my research, I started believing in cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology more and more. I finally realised how the traditional financial system works and how centralised a lot of businesses are, including the banks. From that moment on I did not believe in our current system anymore and I knew that the Blockchain technology offers a much better alternative.

I became an Expert in the field after many hours of self-education and doing investments myself. I wanted to educate people about cryptocurrency and learn them how they can capitalise. That’s how I started my partnership with Lakshmi Empire and Crypto University founders Avinash Nagamah and Darren Matadeen and ultimately decided to create my own educational platform “Crypto University EU”. You can read all about it here.

We are still in the early adopters’ phase, which means that everyone who starts now will have a very important edge compared to when the masses start using crypto in daily life (it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” this will happen).

So it only makes sense to get educated about crypto and capitalise on its massive growth. It’s also possible to start with a lot less money compared to many other investments that are often not as profitable either. We’re talking hundreds instead of thousands.* This is in my opinion by far the best opportunity for regular people to become financially free, or at least earn some extra money for their future! Find out more about it on the Crypto University EU website (click here for Dutch, click here for English).

*I am not a financial advisor. I share my personal experience, what works for me and what I believe will work for anyone else as well. Number one rule of investing is to always do your own due diligence and to never invest in anything that you don’t understand or simply because someone said you should do so. Get educated first, so you can take a well-advised decision. Second most important rule of investing: never put in more than you’re comfortable with.

Future Projects

As I said before, it’s extremely important to adapt to a changing economy. New opportunities arise all the time and other business models or opportunities that were once very profitable may become redundant in the future.

That being said, there are currently a couple of business models that I keep my eye on and that I can see myself implementing in the future, or that I’m already using in some shape or form in my current business models.

For instance, e-commerce is something that I could definitely do. I have the knowledge and experience needed to open an e-commerce store and sell some physical products using drop shipping (which means I wouldn’t have to hold any inventory or take care of customer service). This is actually a very well-known form of affiliate marketing.

Digital product creation is another big one for me, but actually this is not a future project anymore as I have Crypto University EU which offers my Members many different products and services that I have created myself.

Who knows what other future projects and opportunities might cross my path!



Self-improvement is extremely important for any successful person. You have to be the best version of yourself and the only way to achieve that is to be constantly working on yourself and improving yourself.

“Self-improvement, also referred to as self-guided improvement or self-help, means that you work on yourself to achieve an intellectual, emotional and/or economical improvement.”

So why should you care about self-improvement?

  • Firstly, because it will present you with new opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t cross your path or perhaps you wouldn’t even see them because you wouldn’t be ready.
  • Increased self-confidence is another effect that you will notice. Meaning that you will believe in yourself and therefore you will be able to go after your goals and ultimate dreams. You have to build a specific mindset for that, which can only be achieved through self-improvement, taking action and focus.
  • Ultimately, you will grow and become a better version of yourself. A better you. This is very important in order to improve the most important areas of your life (relationships, happiness, business, health,…). This is the ultimate goal of self-improvement.

Mindset and self-improvement are a very important part of my Crypto University EU Business Training.

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