2 March 1998 – Ghent, Belgium

Senne Trenson

On this website (CV 2.0) you’ll read all about my experience, skills, education & qualities.

I have always attached great importance to freedom in the broadest sense of the word. Freedom to do what I love and with the people who are important to me. Freedom to follow my own path and make my own choices. Freedom to work when and where I want. A life without an income cap.

I couldn’t realise the life of my dreams following the traditional way of “get a degree and find a job”. That’s why I took a different path when I was barely 18 years old.

In February 2016 I bought my first self-study course. In April 2016 I launched my first website. My mindset change from employee to entrepreneur was gradual; in October 2016 I fully committed to a life as an entrepreneur.

Since my first introduction to (online) entrepreneurship, my personal growth and general development has improved considerably. Every day I strive to be the best version of myself.

On the road to my dreams I have expanded my network and knowledge considerably. Gained many experiences, met business partners, made friends and memories. My growth has led to a very meaningful mission and clear vision as to what I want to achieve with my professional career:

To create wealth and wellbeing for myself and for others. To have a positive impact. To inspire and help millions of people throughout my life to also live the life of their dreams. To achieve 360° freedom.

My Experience

My journey from student-employee to entrepreneur and mover.

As soon as I could legally do so (age 16), I started gaining practical experience and generating income through various student jobs. Thanks to, among other things, my professional attitude and eye for detail, these were always a success.

For example, I received a nice reference for my first student job and I welcome to return at every workplace.

I combined this with great efforts in my studies. I received my high school diploma with honors.

At the beginning of 2017 I took the big step to make my first business trip. This was for a 3 day business seminar in London. On this trip I met my second mentor. Thanks to him, I discovered Bitcoin later that year and I immersed myself in the crypto market. Since the end of 2017 I have been very actively involved in investing and trading “web3” and many other asset types. After making the typical beginner mistakes, I decided to share my knowledge and experience with others. This led to the launch of an online education platform in 2018, which served as the basis for the first publication of OMNIGO 360 in March 2022.

I attended three more business seminars. Two in London and one in Amsterdam. Each of them were beautiful, meaningful, educational and unforgettable experiences.

After 5 years of working on myself and my business as student entrepreneur, I officially went full time on 1 October 2021.

Early 2022 the first version of OMNIGO 360 was created. This is the place to be for anyone who puts great importance on their freedom. Since then I have been working fulltime on this innovative and ambitious project, with the help of partners and freelancers. Today, all my professional activities are focused on achieving the mission and vision of OMNIGO 360:

  • Freedom for all.
  • To become known worldwide as the go to platform to create (360°) freedom, by 2032.


Owner & Freedom Coach

2022 – present

Senne Trenson


2017 – present

Senne Trenson

Web Designer

2017 – present


Security Guard



Web Tester

2021 – 2022

OMNIA eBusines

Business Owner

2019 – 2022

Get Driven

Freelance student driver

2018 – 2020

S. Trenson eBusiness

Business Owner

2016 – 2019

Business Trip Amsterdam

2-day business seminar

June 2019

Business Trip London

2-day business seminar

June 2018

Business Trip London

2-day business seminar

April 2018

Business Trip London

3-day business seminar

April 2017


Job Student polyvalent tasks

summer 2016

Idem Poorten NV

2 Weeks internship administration

2015 & 2016


Job Student polyvalent tasks

summer 2015

BMW Daeninck

Job Student polyvalent tasks

2014 – 2015


Job Student assistant telecom-inspector

summer 2014

My skills and knowledge

Since 2016, I have invested more than 20 000 euros and thousands of hours in myself and my business. But it was at a much younger age that I started developing diverse skills based on my interests and aptitude.
For example, in primary school I was already good with software applications and over the years English became my second language. At age 18, I had no problem networking in London as I would in my native language. In 2018, I spoke to a group of hundreds of people in English.
I strongly believe in self education and self development. Almost all of these skills are the result of a combination of self-study, international contacts and personal experience.

  • Freedom Coaching
  • Inspiring
  • WEB3 (Bitcoin, blockchain)
  • General economic knowledge
  • Public speaking
  • Investing & trading
  • Communication (Online/Offline)
  • Leadership
  • Commercial skills
  • Networking
  • Collaboration
  • WordPress
  • Web design
  • Online Marketing
  • PhotoShop
  • Microsoft Office
  • Languages – Dutch (native)
  • Languages – English (excellent)
  • Languages – German (decent)
  • Languages – French (mediocre)
  • Hobby – Driving cars
  • Hobby – Physical exercise & cardio
  • Hobby – Piano (13 years)

Here you can read which by the government-recognized education I followed. Shortly after graduating from high school, I officially founded my business (2 January 2017).

As of the 2017-2018 school year, I did not choose for a study programme with the aim of obtaining a degree. My goal was to get maximum value towards my personal growth and that of my business. These studies were on a part-time basis, so that I could spend as much time as possible developing my projects.

I particularly feel a lot of gratitude for the Network Economy degree, which I followed from 2018 to 2020. I got much more freedom throughout the year and there were no exams. The study programme provided me with a lot of value, knowledge, contacts and growth.

In order to close the chapter as “student entrepreneur” and to start my story as a successful, full-time entrepreneur, I completed a one-year programme in 2020-2021; the Postgraduate Entrepreneurship. During this period, both my own growth and the development of what is known today as “OMNIGO Busines“, under the OMNIGO 360 brand, gained new momentum.

Besides my self-education, these steps and trajectories were each meaningful. They contributed to where I am today as a person and as an entrepreneur. I gladly closed this chapter on 1 October 2021.

My education trajectory


Courses, Books, Experience,…


HoGent & Odisee,
PG Entrepreneurship

One-Year Post-Graduate


Network Economy




Network Economy,
Startup School

Part-time with certificate


VIVES Kortrijk,
Business Management & Entrepreneurship



VIVES Kortrijk,
Automotive Business Management

Full Time


Bernardus Technicum,
Diploma Commerce-Languages

High School


My qualities

Below you’ll find 15 of my most defining qualities.







Busy bee




Big thinking

Healthy sceptical



Good listener

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